Twisted Art Gallery: A Passionate Venture Transforming Marbella's Art Scene with Modern Masterpieces

As art lovers and private collectors at, we were thrilled to attend the grand opening of Twisted Art Gallery in Puerto Banús, Marbella. The event was nothing short of spectacular, filling a significant void in the town's art scene with its modern and unique collection. The gallery's focus on urban and contemporary art presents a fresh wave of creativity that was previously absent, making it a notable addition to the vibrant artistic landscape of Puerto Banús.

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Filling the Void in the Art Landscape

Twisted Art Gallery, the brainchild of Scottish art collectors Dylan King and Kevin Simpson, brings a breath of fresh air to the vibrant art scene of Puerto Banús. With a specific focus on urban and contemporary art, it introduces a new genre that was previously missing from the town's artistic offerings.

Realizing a Dream

Dylan King and Kevin Simpson's passion for art and their extensive relationships with globally recognized artists played a crucial role in bringing this dream project to life. Their dedication was palpable in the gallery, which displayed exclusive pieces crafted for the venue by Sara Pope and Pure Evil, among others.

An Artistic Treasure Trove

The gallery offers a collection as diverse as the tastes and preferences of its visitors. Showcasing an array of street, pop, and decorative art, Twisted Art Gallery promises an immersive and enriching experience for every art lover.

A Grand Opening Night with Personal Touches

The exclusive opening night was a celebration of art and creativity. Attending artists including The Connor Brothers, Pure Evil, Opake, and Tim Fishlock were present, enthusiastically interacting with attendees.

However, a highlight of the night was a private tour given by the owners. King and Simpson personally took guests around, passionately sharing stories behind their collection, the artists involved, and their vision for the gallery. This personal touch significantly elevated the visitor experience, shedding light on the passion that fuels the gallery.

An Inviting Gallery Experience

Twisted Art Gallery, located at Plaza Antonio Banderas 18, near El Corte Ingles, is now open to the public. It stands as a beacon inviting locals and tourists alike to embark on a journey through a diverse world of artistic talent.

The Artists Behind the Masterpieces

The gallery is a melting pot of various artistic styles and perspectives, featuring works from the elusive Banksy to the pop-inspired Pure Evil, the provocative Alec Monopoly to the typographic maestro Tim Fishlock. Each artist brings a unique flavor to the collection, transforming Twisted Art Gallery into a dynamic canvas of contemporary art.

A Cultural Revolution

Twisted Art Gallery isn't just a gallery; it's a cultural revolution. It introduces a wave of modern art to Puerto Banús, enriching the town's luxury offerings and offering an eclectic platform for art collectors and novices alike. The gallery, fuelled by the passion of its founders, is an art lover's paradise, encapsulating the transformative power of art.

Twisted Art Gallery: A Must-Visit

Whether you're an art enthusiast or a casual observer who appreciates a dash of creativity in your surroundings, Twisted Art Gallery is a must-visit. Remember the words of Picasso: "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." Make sure to immerse yourself in this extraordinary artistic experience at Twisted Art Gallery. For more details, visit their website at or check out their Instagram page

The Twisted Art Gallery's ambitious project, intertwined with the passion of its founders, is a significant milestone for Marbella's art scene. This exciting new venue promises a captivating and engaging experience for all art enthusiasts. Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore contemporary art in this vibrant, welcoming setting.