Marbella Club, where it all started for Marbella

This 2024, Marbella Club marks its 70th year since its opening in 1954. Seventy years since the unique haven known as "Finca Santa Margarita" transformed from a family retreat for the Hohenlohe family to the preferred destination for celebrities, athletes, and royalty from around the globe.

marbslifestyle The Marbella Club hotel in the 70's | Photo by Marbella Club Hotel
The Marbella Club hotel in the 70's | Photo by Marbella Club Hotel
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If you didn't know already, Marbella Club is one of the main reasons behind Marbella's global fame, turning this small fisherman’s village into the luxurious destination we treasure at

As we share our passion for this marvellous enclave, at we want to join the celebrations of the iconic hotel that so uniquely blends modernity and tradition.
For this extraordinary 70th year, Marbella Club has a series of events lined up to commemorate its history. Keep reading to join us in celebrating the amazing 70 years of the Marbella Club Hotel and unlocking all the secrets of this unique anniversary!

History of the iconic Marbella Club hotel

History of the iconic Marbella Club hotel


The history of Marbella’s most prestigious hotel Marbella club is a luxury hotel, golf and beach club located in Marbella, Spain, that was founded in 1954. Over the years, Marbella club has gained a reputation as one of the most exclusive holiday destinations in Europe, attracting royalty, celebrities, and wealthy individuals from all over the […]

Marbella Club’s latest bet: Finca Ana María, where wellness meets nature.

The first exciting news for this year's celebrations at Marbella Club has a female name: Finca Ana María. This new property, connected to the resort, will become the centre of well-being for Marbella Club’s guests through different activities and events.

With its expansion project, planned to last 5 years, Marbella Club Hotel aims for Finca Ana María to become a haven to preserve its original gardens and where a new natural ecosystem will be created, in collaboration with the Deyrolle institution. Once completed, the guests of the Marbella Club will enjoy a natural acacia labyrinth, a garden with over 100 ancestral tomato varieties, an astronomical observatory, and bird-watching, or glamping experiences in a unique setting as Finca Ana Maria.

In the words of its owner, Jennica Arazi, "This 70th anniversary is going to mark a turning point for Marbella Club, as we have a unique opportunity to continue the true luxury of the hotel: a natural ecosystem to enjoy small pleasures in connection with nature."

Now, let’s discover the events that Marbella Club has planned for this year month by month!

April events at Marbella Club

The celebrations for the 70th anniversary will kick off on April 26th with a grand birthday party at Marbella Club’s Clubhouse that will fill the weekend with fun and joy: live entertainment, guest DJs, gastronomic experiences, flamenco shows... there won't be a dull moment, at we guarantee it!

Plans at Marbella Club in May

May will land, from the 17th to the 19th, and it will be time for the "Garden Games": guests and invitees will enjoy Finca Ana María, where a playful and sporty weekend for children and adults will be held, including paddle tennis or backgammon tournaments. This enclave, once home to the von Bismarck family, boasts 50,000 square meters, outstanding views of the Mediterranean, and is, with no doubt, the ideal space for a weekend of outdoor games and fun.

Summer celebrations: what happens in June at Marbella Club?

June wouldn't be complete without the San Juan Fiesta, which at Marbella Club turns into the San Juan Festival, where bonfires will be lit, as tradition dictates to celebrate this traditional festival of fishing areas like Marbella.

During the summer, the entrance to Finca Ana María will be filled with the scents of Loewe with a perfume greenhouse. This important Spanish fashion brand joins the Marbella Club family with a boutique in front of the hotel entrance. In collaboration with Deyrolle, Loewe will hold various workshops and activities centred around the sense of smell, making their guests' stay even more unforgettable, if that’s possible!

And when summer is over? September events at Marbella Club

But wait, there's more to come! Summer in Marbella lasts longer than you think, and in September, what is locally known as "veroño" arrives, meaning it's already autumn but the weather is purely summery! And as Marbella Club knows well this uniqueness of the weather of Marbella, for this month they have scheduled an outdoor classical music concert, with the marvellous Mediterranean as a backdrop, complemented with picnic experiences around Finca Ana María.

marbslifestyle Photo from Marbella Club Hotel
Photo from Marbella Club Hotel

October arrives with more events at Marbella Club

Is there anything left to do in October? Sure!!! This month Marbella Club will join the sustainability month, for which they propose a weekend featuring leaders in the sustainability, biodiversity, and culture areas who inspire change, including representatives from Positive Luxury, Client Earth, or Aula del Mar among others.


We all know it's always a good time to stay at the Marbella Club and experience unique luxury and comfort, but especially this 2024, we don't want you to miss the 70th anniversary of this iconic establishment, Marbella Club. So if you still need to decide on your holiday spot, from we encourage you to book your stay at Marbella Club now, because 2024 is the year to be there and, believe us, you want to experience everything Marbella Club has prepared!