Fun activities for kids in Marbella

While Marbella is best known for luxury resorts, vibrant nightclubs, and beach clubs, the seaside city offers much more. Besides the gorgeous beaches and delicious food, there are plenty of children-friendly activities to appeal to the fussiest member of your family.


Marbella offers several kids-friendly playgrounds where your little one can run wild and have tons of fun. Popular kid's playgrounds in Marbella include Aventura Amazonia, Mundo Mania, and Aqua Mijas.

Aventura Amazonia is the epitome of a fun-filled, action-packed family adventure. The theme park takes you and the kids on an aerial escapade spread across six adventure circuits comprising 103 challenges and 24 ziplines. The treetop rope adventure park offers personalized, non-stop fun for the entire family while maximizing safety. There's a dedicated mini-course for kids in the 4-7 age bracket and three circuits for beginners. For thrill-seekers, this adventure park offers the longest treetop zipline in Southern Spain, measuring 24 meters.

Mundo Mania is Marbella's most thrilling indoor and outdoor play center. The Mundo Mania is a kiddie haven that's equally accommodating to adults. There's an interactive soft play area for toddlers to play, climb, crawl, and slide. The main attractions include sports fields, a magical water park, table games, a trampoline, and a climbing wall. You can join in the fun or relax in the indoor Café' & Bar or Atrium bar.

Aqua Mijas is a fun waterpark that guarantees endless fun for the entire family. The fun zone has no age restrictions and comprises 12 exciting water-based attractions. Waterslides of different shapes, lengths, and designs dominate the landscape, creating a fun-filled environment for the entire family. There are two dedicated areas for children under six years, but you can cradle them while sliding down the more challenging water slides.

Animal Parks

Selwo Aventura is a delightful animal park in a large and beautiful landscape. Booking a trip to the park takes you on a wildlife-filled adventure that's lots of fun for the entire family. The park comprises two, with the first part housing smaller animals such as monkeys and flamingoes. A gentle climb leads up the hill with a restaurant and a beautiful view. The hill gives way to a valley where the larger wild animals, including lions, elephants, giraffes, and rhinoceros' roam. Since the park is large, you may need to book a safari tour to get a better view of the animals.

Bioparc Fuengirola is a great treat for the entire family, and the little ones will love watching animals from across the world in their natural environment. The animal park features tropical animals drawn from tropical forests in South East Asia, Madagascar, Africa, and Indo-Pacific Islands. They include gorillas, red pandas, pythons, crocodiles, giant tortoises, and hippos. You may not bring food from outside, but you can enjoy delicious meals at the Bioparc Café.

With more than 5,000 sea animals, Sea Life Benalmadena is Marbella's largest aquarium. This beautiful aquarium offers an insightful tour of the underwater world. It'll immerse you into the wonderful world of colorful sea creatures, including barracudas, seahorses, jellyfish, piranhas, and toothy sharks. There's a dedicated kids' play area, and you can watch the sharks feeding on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.


A day hike is a way to experience the great Andalusian countryside and discover the hidden gems around Marbella. The seaside town offers numerous, family-friendly hiking trails that you can tackle with your entire clan and have tons of fun. The hiking trails in Marbella take you over deep valleys, forests, spectacular rock formations, beautiful vegetation, and offer beautiful views.

Hiking allows you to visit various historical sites, including roman ruins, Moorish castles, and prehistoric caves dotting the region. Most kid-friendly hikes take 1 to 3 hours and entail walking around the beautiful beaches or up gentle slopes.
Popular kids-friendly hikes include Ojen to El Cerazal park, Ojen to Charco de Las Vinas, Mirador Marbella, and the El Cruz de Juanar roundtrip.

You can enroll in hiking and rock climbing lessons and kick your outdoor experience into high gear. You'll receive professional training and advice to keep safe and improve your outdoor adventures.

Paddle Class

You can enroll your entire clan for a padel lesson and learn the rules of the game that's taking the world by storm. Padel combines the best of tennis and squash to create a fun and exciting game that encourages social interaction. The super-fun game has no age restrictions, and anyone can learn how to play after a quick training session. You can master the basics within a relatively short time and start enjoying the action-packed, thrilling game.

Unlike tennis, Padel isn't about strength, techniques, and powerful servers, which makes it a perfect game for the entire family. Sheer power and strength aren't crucial in a game of Padel, and winning this game comes down to strategy.

Signing up for padel lessons equips you with everything you need to incorporate this exciting game into your fun activities. The game uses short stringless racquets covered with an elastic material and a low-compression tennis ball. Game rules combine tennis and squash rules, but you can master them quickly with professional lessons.

Buggy Driving

Explore the scenic Marbella countryside from a dune buggy and indulge even the tiniest adrenaline junkie in the family. The buggy tours take you through dusty tracks and offroad tracks, so bring your goggles. The Mediterranean Sea is the backdrop as you cross the beautiful Andalusian Mountain, giving you breathtaking views.

You'll need a valid driving licence to get behind the wheel of a buggy, but anyone, including a child, can be your co-driver. Each buggy carries two, so you may need to hire multiple buggies if travelling as a large group. Most tours last 2 to 3 hours, but you can opt for a full-day tour for an added thrill. Skilled tour guides will steer you through the most rewarding sites of the Spanish rural outback.
Timed buggy tours follow a predetermined route, with scheduled stops for refreshments or a swim in the clear Mediterranean waters. Book a day tour if you crave a more personalized experience that may include a picnic or a barbecue in the remote Andalusian wilderness.


Treat your budding speedsters to a day of speed and unbridled fun, and watch them indulge their inner Michael Schumacher. The Kart & Fun track is the perfect family getaway when holidaying with the kids in Marbella.

The 1.9-kilometer track features two circuits with 46 hair-spinning curves to deliver an authentic Formula One racing experience. The track is designed for group activity and appeals to your competitive streak.

However, you might have difficulty peeling away your little one for the speciality children's kart after each session. Each race is 8 minutes and takes you over the entire track. Your kids will love the thrill of outpacing their rivals or setting and breaking their speed records.

The racing track is open to children aged five, but only those aged six years and above can get behind the wheel in the dedicated children's track. Five-year-olds get to ride with their parents in the double-seater karts.

Luckily, the fun doesn't stop when the sun goes down. Bright lights keep the fun times rolling long after the sun goes down. If you're feeling competitive, you can enroll for the Mini GP or Big Prize extreme races and square off against other racing enthusiasts.

Kart & Fun is open seven days a week from 11:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m. Be sure to make a reservation to secure a slot and treat your family to a thrilling, fun-filled ride.

Give Your Kids the Best Holiday Experience

Marbella is a super family-friendly holiday destination with opportunities for every family member. The seaside town offers a diverse mix of fabulous indoor and outdoor activities that will skyrocket the holiday experience, creating plenty of magical moments for your entire family.

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