Your Ultimate Guide to the Most Unforgettable Rooftop Bars

Marbella, Spain's glamorous coastal gem, offers far more than just its renowned beaches and vibrant nightlife. Among its lesser-known treasures are its spectacular rooftop bars, where luxury and panoramic views come together to create unforgettable experiences. Brought to you by, here's a quick guide to the rooftop bar scene in Marbella.

If you're in the mood for romance, Marbella's rooftop venues provide the perfect setting. Think dim lighting, intimate seating, and a curated selection of wines and cocktails—all against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea.

For those seeking a laid-back atmosphere, there are plenty of options that combine casual elegance with stunning views. Imagine sipping on a cold drink while watching the sunset, as live acoustic music or relaxed DJ sets fill the air.

And if you're looking to dive into Marbella's energetic social life, several rooftop bars offer just that. With live music, dancing, and innovative cocktails, these are the spots where the city's social butterflies come to spread their wings.

Marbella’s rooftop bars cater to a diverse range of moods and occasions. Whether you’re looking for romance, relaxation, or revelry, you’ll find it here, courtesy of

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Air by Breathe

AThere are places you visit once, and then there are places that capture your heart, demanding frequent returns. For us, Air by BREATHE is one such captivating locale. Situated above the popular Breathe Restaurant, this Sky Bar is nothing short of a Marbella jewel, providing panoramic views that leave you in awe every single time. Whether you're looking for an intimate evening or a lively night out, Air checks all the boxes. Trust us, we've spent countless nights there!

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One of the perks of being a regular at Air is the sheer flexibility it offers. We often start our evening with a hearty meal at Breathe Restaurant downstairs before ascending to Air for cocktails and a change of scenery. They have comfortable, cosy seating areas that come with table service, and you can also grab a spot at the bar if you prefer. Either way, you're in for a treat.

Beyond the cocktails, which are always on point, we've found ourselves enjoying the light bites—especially the Sushi and Dim Sum menu. It's the perfect companion to a carefully crafted cocktail or a glass of fine wine. And if you're thinking of spending a considerable amount of time here (as we often do), it’s wise to reserve a table, as they get booked up quickly. Be aware that table service does have a minimum spend, but it's totally worth it for an elevated experience.

We cannot recommend Air by BREATHE enough. It embodies all the elements of a perfect night out: incredible views, a trendy yet sophisticated atmosphere, and gourmet appetisers that complement an extensive drink menu. It's not just another summer hot-spot; it’s our personal oasis under the Marbella sky. Whether you're a local or just visiting, do yourself a favour and spend an evening here—you won't regret it.

Sky Lounge

We've had the pleasure of frequenting many spots in Puerto Banús, but none capture our hearts quite like Benabola Sky Lounge. Located atop the Hotel Benabola, this rooftop haven is nothing short of a hidden gem that we just can't get enough of. Whether we're catching up with friends, enjoying pre-dinner cocktails, or winding down after a busy day.

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The moment you step onto the 7th floor, you're greeted by a blend of elegance and comfort that feels like a warm hug. With a mix of cosy lounge sofas and tables, there's no shortage of spots to kick back and relax. But what really steals the show are the panoramic views: the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, the majestic La Concha mountain, and of course, the vibrant Puerto Banús marina. It's like an ever-changing painting that you can't take your eyes off of.

The drink menu is a smorgasbord of options—from artfully crafted cocktails that show off the bartender's creative flair to the tried-and-true classics. They even offer premium spirits and a wine list that's sure to please the connoisseurs among us. Oh, and let's not forget the fresh brews that are just as delightful.

There's a sophisticated yet laid-back atmosphere that we adore. As the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky with hues of orange and pink, the lounge comes alive with the soothing sounds of ambient tunes. It's moments like these—sipping on a fine cocktail, surrounded by stunning vistas—that make Benabola Sky Lounge our go-to sanctuary for special sunsets and unforgettable evenings.

So the next time you find yourself in Puerto Banús, do yourself a favour and make your way to Benabola Sky Lounge. We'll probably see you there, drink in hand, soaking in another magical sunset. Cheers!

Martini Bar

As frequent visitors to the illustrious Puerto Banus, we couldn't help but share our secret refuge when it comes to sipping cocktails in style: Martini Bar. Located above the Dolce&Gabbana boutique on the first floor of the Club de Mar building in Pueblo Marinero de Ribera, this place has our hearts.

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The first thing that strikes you about Martini Bar is its effortless glamour. Entering the space feels like stepping into a Dolce&Gabbana dream, complete with a stylish and colourful interior that's just the right balance of opulent and welcoming.

One of the things that set Martini Bar apart, especially for us, is its strategic location. When the winds pick up along the coast, it's the perfect sheltered haven. Nestled behind glass, you're protected from the elements while still enjoying the luxe atmosphere and beautiful view overlooking the terrace.

While the cocktails are to die for, let's not forget the small bites that perfectly complement your drink. Whether you're in the mood for some salad or a cake with a coffee, they've got you covered.

Martini Bar is more than just a bar; it's an experience. It's our go-to spot when we want to feel like we're wrapped in luxury, or when we simply want a classy place to unwind. We highly recommend making Martini Bar your next destination for a drink or even a small bite when you're in Puerto Banus.

See you there, perhaps? Cheers!

Jane Restaurant

If you're on the hunt for an unforgettable dining experience on a rooftop in Marbella, look no further than The Jane. Nestled in this iconic city, The Jane isn't just a restaurant; it's an experience, a journey through the senses, led by the talented Chef Pascal Silman.

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From the moment you walk in, you'll realise this is no ordinary eatery. The decor is a feast for the eyes, beautifully curated to honour the elements of water, earth, and fire. It sets the tone for the culinary delights that are about to grace your palate. The open kitchen concept lets you catch a glimpse of the magic that Chef Silman and his team conjure up, adding an extra layer of anticipation to your visit.

Let's talk about the food because, honestly, it's otherworldly. The menu is a kaleidoscope of flavours, offering a modern twist on Andalusian and Mediterranean cuisines. What sets The Jane apart is its audacious blending of global influences, catapulting traditional dishes into the realm of culinary artistry. Each dish that arrives at your table is like a painting; it's beautiful to look at and evokes an emotional response even before you take the first bite.

The restaurant itself boasts three separate dining areas, including the jaw-dropping 16th-century Hermitage of San Sebastian. The ambiance here is ethereal, illuminated by soft candlelight that dances across calming blue tones and contemporary design elements. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply want to treat yourself to an extraordinary meal, The Jane offers an ambiance for every mood and moment. Even an outside terrace.

So, the next time you're in Marbella and you find yourself yearning for a culinary adventure that tantalises not just your taste buds but all your senses, make your way to The Jane. It's not just a meal; it's a moment, a memory, and a masterpiece, all rolled into one extraordinary experience.


Tibu, the ultimate hotspot for party aficionados. From the moment you step into this rooftop bar and nightclub, you can feel the electric atmosphere. The energy is simply infectious, and trust me, it's hard not to get caught up in the buzz!

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The spacious open-air terrace is nothing short of a playground for adults. Imagine dancing under the stars as live performances from world-class DJs and artists keep your spirits soaring. At Tibu, they're not just elevating the music; they're elevating your entire experience. Expect to keep grooving and moving until the sun comes up—yeah, it's that kind of place.

But hang on, before you immerse yourself in the nightlife, kickstart your evening at Chey by TIBU. Nestled within the same venue, this elegant restaurant is where East meets West in a culinary extravaganza. Specialising in Nikkei cuisine, the flavours here are as dynamic as the club scene that awaits you later. It's the perfect setting to wine, dine, and prime yourself for the night ahead.

A word to the wise—both the rooftop bar and the restaurant are hot tickets during the summer. So make your reservations early to secure a spot in this party paradise.

So what are you waiting for? Dust off those dancing shoes and prepare for an unforgettable night at Tibu in Puerto Banús. See you on the dance floor!


Step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary at Pangea, not just a rooftop bar but a nightlife institution in the heart of Puerto Banús. Nestled among glitzy boats and opulent yachts, this third-floor haven is an epitome of luxe and style.

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The panoramic views stretching from the harbour across the Mediterranean and to Marbella's skyline are nothing short of magical. It's not just a venue; it's an experience, and during the summer season, the vibe here is infectious.

Imagine vibing to the pulsating beats spun by live DJs, surrounded by a crowd of like-minded party enthusiasts. Everyone here is dressed to impress; after all, Pangea is a place where you want to see and be seen. So if you're planning on dropping by, remember to dress smartly.

Want to take your night to the next level? I highly recommend making table reservations. Not only does it grant you your own private area with your pals, but you'll also enjoy bottle service complete with champagne and premium spirits.

Keep an eye on our events calendar to stay up-to-date with all the action-packed nights Pangea has in store for you. Whether you're a Marbella regular or a first-time visitor, missing out on Pangea.

Linda Boutique Hotel

Sometimes you stumble upon places that feel like they've been created just for you, and that's precisely how I felt when I discovered the rooftop bar at Hotel Linda in Marbella. This place is a slice of heaven, tucked away from the hustle and bustle, a spot that feels like an exclusive secret.

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First things first, this rooftop bar is what I like to call a "cute lil' spot." Seriously, it's small, cosy, and intimate, seating only about 15 people. Although it's open to the public, the limited seating gives it an exclusive feel, like it should only be for guests of the hotel.

The ambiance is refreshingly quirky. No two chairs are the same; each has its unique charm, which adds to the overall eclectic vibe of the place. There's something incredibly refreshing about such individuality, making the experience all the more memorable.

When we visited, the bar wasn't operational upstairs, so we had to place our orders before making the climb. Oh yes, there’s no lift, so make sure you’re up for a mini-workout. It's only a few flights up, so it's manageable. But get this: they had a WhatsApp system for orders. Despite that, we saw someone tirelessly running up and down the stairs to serve guests. Talk about dedication!

This rooftop bar is the go-to spot for a pre-dinner drink that deviates from the usual. You can enjoy a warm Spanish afternoon with a delightful glass of wine, or perhaps a handcrafted cocktail. If you're an early bird, consider soaking up the morning sun with a latte and your favourite book in hand. The rooftop is accessible all day long, from 8 AM until closing time.

It's hard not to fall in love with this place. Hotel Linda's rooftop bar in Marbella is a must-visit for anyone looking for a unique, intimate setting with a view that captures the heart of the town. Trust us; you won't be disappointed. We absolutely love the place, and we're pretty sure you will too.


The vibrant city of Marbella, with its world-class beaches and bustling social scene, has no shortage of entertainment options. However, its rooftop bars are a unique facet of the city's character that absolutely should not be missed. Whether you're a local or a visitor, the elevated experiences provided by these glamorous venues offer an unmatched blend of panoramic views, delectable bites, and a variety of drink options, from exotic cocktails to premium wines.

Through our curated selection, has tried to encapsulate the essence of Marbella’s rooftop bars. From the trendy vibes of Air by BREATHE and Benabola Sky Lounge, to the glamorous Martini Bar, the unforgettable dining experience at The Jane, the lively atmosphere of Tibu, the luxurious setting of Pangea, or the intimate and unique environment at Hotel Linda, there's something for everyone.

The next time you find yourself yearning for a sunset view or a night under the stars, remember our guide to Marbella’s best rooftop bars. Elevate your Marbella moments; your sky-high oasis of glamour and luxury is just one click away.

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We hope this guide has been informative and inspiring. Until next time, cheers to unforgettable evenings and elevated experiences!