Party on Sunday at the beach? We made a selection

Are you ready for a party on the beach in Marbella? Sundays are the best day of the week for beach parties, and there are plenty of options to choose from. In this blog, we've compiled a list of our favorite Sunday parties on the beach in Marbella.

Whether you're looking for a wild and crazy party or a more relaxed atmosphere, there's something for everyone. From the famous Crazy Sundays at Nikki Beach to the Sunset Sessions at La Plage Casanis, we've got you covered. So grab a glass of your favorite drink and get ready to dance on the sand with the waves crashing in the background!

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Crazy Sundays at Nikki Beach

Good old Nikki Beach, founded in Miami and became widely known for its parties. On Sundays they have the ''Crazy Sunday''. You have to love it, we think it's fantastic. Book a bed at the pool or on the beach. Don't feel like a bed, you can also just go in and have a drink at the bar and watch how things go wild in most cases! Eating in the restaurant is also highly recommended.

La Plage Casanis, Sunset Ritual

One of our faves, on Sunday to La Plage Casanis for the Sunday Sunset Session. Also nice to combine with a visit to the restaurant or a beach bed. On Sundays at 17:00 it goes all the way here until late in the evening. Dancing on your slippers with a delicious cocktail or glass of champagne in your hand! The service is fantastic.

BOHO Sunday at Playa Padre

BOHO Sunday it is! On Sunday we go to Church: Playa Padre is something completely different, different music, different atmosphere but certainly no less fun. In fact, very, very nice. We prefer to combine this with a pre-lunch or an early dinner. Always great to have a drink at the bar and then go inside. The food is absolutely superb, the same goes for the service. The music is techno and tech house, and their DJ is famous far beyond Marbella: Angel Sanchez. Continues until an hour or 1, and is a true experience.

Ocean Club, champaign parties and more

The Pool Club of Puerto Banus. The Ocean Club is located on the beach, front row. A large pool club where it is very busy, especially in high season. Book a bed with friends or have dinner in the truly fantastic restaurant Amäi. The food and service are great. Don't feel like a bed or already had lunch somewhere else? They also have a very nice bar with a view over, yes you already expect it: the party.

Siroko Beach, live music and entertainment

One of our favorites is Shiroko beach. The restaurant has different areas, we like the beach the best. Have lunch with your feet in the white golden beach sand. The service at Shiroko is fantastic and so is the food. On Sunday they have live music, from DJ's to live sax gives a very nice atmosphere and makes for an unforgettable Sunday. Do not forget to make a reservation in high season, because it is very busy then, which is logical because it is fantastic.


No matter which Sunday beach party you choose in Marbella, you're sure to have a great time. From the beautiful views and delicious food at La Plage Casanis to the wild and crazy atmosphere at Nikki Beach, these parties are the perfect way to spend a day on the beach. So grab your friends, pick your favorite spot, and get ready to dance the day away!

Simone Loeff
Author: Simone Loeff

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