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Sunday Sessions Unleashed: HYPE HOP at Mirage

Join us every Sunday night at Mirage for HYPE HOP, where the essence of Hip Hop and R&B takes over Puerto Banus! Mirage transforms Sundays into an electrifying celebration of urban beats, delivering an unmatched experience for Hip Hop and R&B aficionados. Dive into a night where the biggest tunes, both new school and old school, come alive, ensuring one of Marbella's premier urban nights.

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Prepare for a Night to Remember

At HYPE HOP, it's not just about the music; it's about the vibe. Our nights are famed for their popularity, bustling atmosphere, and the undeniable vibe that resonates through the air. Featuring world-renowned DJs, international artists, and leading promotions, HYPE HOP offers an exclusive glimpse into the heart of urban culture.

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Mirage, the venue for this extravaganza, is not just any club. It's effectively two clubs in one, separated by a state-of-the-art retractable acoustic glass wall. On one side, our VIP lounge-club exudes elegance, offering a different music genre for those seeking a varied auditory experience. When the glass partition retracts, Mirage unveils its true grandeur as an 800m² lavish super-club. With over 40 VIP tables strategically placed for the best experience, including a unique gold rock pool/jacuzzi table and a mysterious secret dark room table, Mirage guarantees an unparalleled night out.

Their events are not only about the music but also about the experience - from visceral performances that stir the soul to the highest levels of service that cater to every whim. Whether you're in the mood for the pulsating beats of the main room or the more intimate vibes of the VIP lounge, HYPE HOP at Mirage offers something for everyone.

Don't miss out on the ultimate Sunday nights at Mirage, where every moment is a celebration, every beat is a story, and every night is unforgettable. Experience the hype, the hop, and the heartbeat of Marbella's urban scene. Join us for HYPE HOP – where nights are legendary, and memories are made.