Bridging Cities, Shaping Futures: The Malaga-Marbella Train Line

At, we are committed to keeping you informed about the latest developments and historical context of the proposed Malaga-Marbella train line. This project is not just a transportation plan; it's a vision to transform travel in the Costa del Sol region, a topic that has been on the table for decades but is now gaining renewed momentum.

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Latest Developments: A New Dawn in Connectivity


The €2.7 Billion Proposal

The latest news that's buzzing in the Costa del Sol is the ambitious €2.7 billion plan for a high-performance train line connecting Malaga and Marbella. This new proposal, envisioned by consultancy agency ARCS, suggests a line that would run at speeds up to 160 km/h, drastically reducing travel time between these two pivotal cities to just 22 minutes without stops, and around 55 minutes with various en-route stops.

Political Will and Economic Impact

A crucial aspect of this plan's success lies in gaining support from the central Spanish government. The proposed line, extending approximately 47 km, primarily alongside the A-7 motorway, promises significant socioeconomic benefits, estimated at €24.5 billion over 30 years. This project, presented to the Spanish Transport Minister for consideration, is a testament to the region's growing need for sustainable and efficient transportation solutions.

A Journey Through Time: The Historical Context


Years of Discussion and Proposals

The concept of a train line between Malaga and Marbella is not new. For many years, numerous plans and discussions have surfaced, yet none have materialized into reality. This history of proposals reflects the region's ongoing struggle to balance growth with infrastructure needs.

Past Initiatives and Changing Perspectives

Over the years, various ideas have been proposed, including the extension of the Malaga-Fuengirola Cercanías service and a metropolitan rail system. However, these plans faced challenges, including the lack of available land and financial constraints. Stance: Supporting Progress and Sustainability

At, we strongly support the initiative for the Malaga-Marbella train line. With the region witnessing unprecedented growth in tourism and development, the existing road infrastructure is increasingly strained. The proposed train line represents a critical step towards sustainable growth and enhanced mobility.

Envisioning a Connected Future

We believe that this project is not just about connecting two cities; it's about creating a more integrated, accessible, and environmentally friendly Costa del Sol. The train line would significantly ease traffic congestion, reduce carbon emissions, and provide a reliable transportation alternative for both residents and visitors.

Conclusion: Embracing the Future

The proposed Malaga-Marbella train line is more than a transportation project; it's a vision for the future of the Costa del Sol. At, we are excited about this development and its potential to redefine travel in our beautiful region. We look forward to keeping you updated on every milestone of this transformative journey.