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Located just ten minutes from the famous Golden Mile, in the quiet area of Guadalmina Baja, Barbillón Marbella has opened its doors on a sprawling Mediterranean oasis covering 4,000 square meters, boasting breathtaking views of the ocean. Launched in 2023, this spot brings the Barbillón Group's signature luxury outside Madrid for the first time, offering a special place for those who love good living. The restaurant's Mediterranean style, inviting warm colours and three exclusive settings under one culinary philosophy: a bar-restaurant, beach, and pool areas, each radiating understated elegance and warmth.

Barbillón Marbella isn't just about location, though. It's about creating a memorable experience from the brightness of the morning at 10 a.m. to the mystical hours of 2 a.m., mixing top-notch food and creative drinks in a setting that feels like an endless spring. It’s a place for those looking for a touch of exclusivity without having to sacrifice comfort and fun.

marbslifestyle The swimming pool of Barbillón Marbella
The swimming pool of Barbillón Marbella
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News and classics: gastronomic proposal at Barbillón Marbella

This year, Barbillón is proud to introduce a special menu that focuses on quality and flavour, featuring a standout section dedicated to Balfegó red tuna – known as the world's finest. Guests will taste this delicacy in various forms, from carpaccio to tataki, or even in a hearty dish combined with potatoes, fried eggs, and seasonal truffles. The mere thought of these new gastronomic proposals makes our taste buds dance with happiness!!

Barbillón's philosophy is simple: great ingredients make great food. The menu is full of tasty options, from fresh seafood like lobster and cuttlefish to indulgent choices like King Crab and Wagyu beef. Not to forget the favourites that have made them popular for years in their Madrid location. And of course, the drink selection – from unique cocktails to a diverse wine list – complements every meal perfectly, making dining by the sea an unforgettable experience.

marbslifestyle The entrance of Barbillion Marbellla
The entrance of Barbillion Marbellla

New season, new chapter: opening date

Starting on May 3rd, Barbillón Marbella will be open for the new season, continuing their dedication to offering top-quality dining and creating lasting memories by the sea. This isn’t just the start of a new season; it’s the beginning of a must-visit destination on the Costa del Sol. Drop by Barbillón Marbella and prepare for a season filled with delicious dishes and beautiful views