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Amazonia Adventure Park

Here at, we are always on the hunt for the most exciting and memorable experiences to share with our community. And we believe we've found another gem! If you're in Marbella and looking for an unforgettable day out with the kids, we can't recommend Amazonia Adventure Park enough. Nestled in the heart of Andalusia, this is not just a park; it's an adventure waiting to unfold. Let's dive into the ultimate treetop experience on the Costa del Sol.

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Welcome to Amazonia Adventure Park in Marbella - Andalusia's largest adventure park, beckoning you to experience the pinnacle of treetop adventures on the Costa del Sol.


Av. Valeriano Rodríguez, 2, 29604 Marbella, Málaga, SpainCopy Address

Location & Accessibility

Positioned in Elviria and just a breezy 500m away from the beach, Aventura Amazonia’s locale is both picturesque and strategic. It's a mere 15-minute drive from Marbella towards Mijas Costa, making it a seamless getaway for both residents and tourists.

Opening Hours

The park operates from 10am-7pm, with potential extensions during the summer. Whether you're in for an entire day of thrill or just a few spirited hours in the morning or afternoon, Aventura Amazonia offers flexible adventure hours.

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Opening hours
10:00 am - 9:00 pm
10:00 am - 9:00 pm
10:00 am - 9:00 pm
10:00 am - 9:00 pm
10:00 am - 9:00 pm
10:00 am - 9:00 pm
10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Info and Reservation

Highlights & Activities

Dive into a realm of exhilarating circuits tailored for every age and thrill level:

  • Minikids Course (4-7 years): A dedicated zone for the youngest adventurers, with challenges and a crèche service.
  • Kids Circuit: An introductory course with 12 friendly challenges. Perfect for budding adventurers and their guardians.
  • Explorer Circuit: A family circuit with walkways, bridges, balance beams, and ziplines, suspended at a height of 2.8 metres.
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  • Circuit: Tailored for daredevils, this circuit presents high-rise challenges, including the 250 metres super zipline – Andalucia's longest!
  • Quick Jump: A newly introduced bungee jump activity from a thrilling height of 12 metres.

Pricing & Reservations

  • Minikids: €16 (reservation required as it's supervised)
  • Kids & Explorer Circuits (over 6 years old, height restrictions apply): €17 (low season) - €20 (high season)
  • Under 16s (height restrictions apply): €19 (low season) - €22 (high season)
  • Adults: €21 (high season) - €24 (low season) + €8 for Quick Jump
  • Non-participating entry: €1

The adventure lasts up to 3 hours. It's recommended for energetic children over ten, allowing them to experience all circuits. Perfect for teens and their brave parents!

Relaxation & Refreshments

After challenging yourself, relax at the park tables and benches, ideally placed for a brief respite or a meal. Whether you've packed a picnic or fancy something from the in-park restaurant, there's a space for you.

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Aventura Amazonia Recommendations

If you’re plotting an adventurous stag or hen weekend, Aventura Amazonia promises to kick things off with adrenaline and team spirit – just ensure no hangovers for the best experience! This course isn't for the faint-hearted but provides an excellent challenge for even the seasoned adventure enthusiast. It's a highly recommended venture for families, ensuring fun for all age groups and fitness levels.

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Amazonia Adventure Park

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