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Marbella & Puerto Banus Boat Charters/Rental

In Marbella, there are a variety of boat charters available. We visited a few and even got to see the coastline from the water. If you are looking for a fully organized trip with 12 friends or just a 4 hour boat drive with your family with some nice wines and finger food we got your covered.

A day out with the yacht included lunch in Morocco, Gibraltar, and Sotogrande. We went to see dolphins and had an incredible time. We particularly enjoyed sunset sailing on a sailboat and would recommend this activity if you want an amazing experience; it is also a great proposal activity.

If you are into jet skiing, consider one of the boat charters in Marbella; this is also an amazing activity for someone who wants to see the entire Marbella coast and bay. We also enjoyed the thrill of sailing on the sea.

Based on our review, we have established some of the best boat charters in Marbella, and we will list them here for you to see.

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