Sierra Blanca Estates and Dolce&Gabbana Collaborate on Marbella’s New Gem

A rendezvous between luxury fashion and avant-garde real estate is unfolding on Marbella's iconic Golden Mile. The Design Hills Dolce&Gabbana Marbella, a venture between the esteemed Sierra Blanca Estates and the high-end fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, offers an unmatched experience that synthesizes fashion, art, leisure, and gastronomy.

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marbslifestyle Design Hills Dolce & Gabbana x Sierra Blanca Estate
Design Hills Dolce & Gabbana x Sierra Blanca Estate

Marbella's New Jewel

Set opposite the illustrious Epic development on the way to Istan, Design Hills Dolce & Gabbana occupies nearly 90,000m2. This architectural marvel will host 92 residences notable for their sprawling design and alignment that provides a sweeping view of the Mediterranean coastline.

The masterful design of these residences allows for an uninterrupted view of the sea from the master bedrooms. Each dwelling is beautifully adorned with Dolce&Gabbana Casa pieces, encapsulating the brand’s signature opulence. This is not just about luxury; it's about living an art.

marbslifestyle The interior | Design Hills Dolce & Gabbana x Sierra Blanca Estate
The interior | Design Hills Dolce & Gabbana x Sierra Blanca Estate

A Historical Nod with Modern Flair

Drawing inspiration from the Fibonacci sequence and golden ratio, Design Hills is more than just a residential complex. Its design pays homage to the traditional Hispano-Muslim architecture that once flourished in Andalusia. The façade's white glazed ceramics reflect the project’s deep appreciation for both contemporary and historical design elements.

Endless Luxury

Every facet of Design Hills redefines luxury. The common areas are no exception. Residents have access to state-of-the-art sports facilities, an Italian treat in the form of Marbella's first ice-cream parlour food-truck, a dedicated SPA, and even a barbershop.

Why the Golden Mile?

The Golden Mile in Marbella has always been synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. And now, with the Design Hills project, the area’s allure is poised to scale even greater heights. The project’s proximity to prime amenities, from awarded restaurants to tennis clubs, seals its reputation as the go-to spot for the crème de la crème.

Bringing Design to Life

The powerhouses behind this ambitious venture are international studios Storage Milano (interiors), Fresh Architectures (façade design), and The One Atelier, ensuring that every detail, no matter how minute, resonates with perfection.

An International Trend Comes to Marbella

The synergy between high-fashion brands and luxury real estate isn’t novel, but its introduction to Marbella is setting the city alight. Dolce & Gabbana's entry into this sector, in partnership with Sierra Blanca Estates, is a testament to the ever-evolving luxury real estate landscape, both in Marbella and globally.

From Armani to Versace, fashion giants have been elevating the concept of luxury living, and Sierra Blanca Estates' collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana is promising to usher in a new era of sophisticated living.


Marbella continues to entrench its position as a nexus of luxury, and the unveiling of the Design Hills Dolce&Gabbana project is the latest testament to this trajectory. Spearheaded by the renowned Sierra Blanca Estates and magnified by the illustrious touch of Dolce&Gabbana, this project embodies the very epitome of exclusivity, architectural prowess, and opulence. As fervent admirers of Marbella's vibrant spirit and growth, we at are enthralled by this addition to the city's luxurious skyline. Such ventures elevate Marbella's status on the global stage, making it an undeniable haven for those seeking unmatched luxury. We wholeheartedly extend our appreciation for this project and wish Sierra Blanca Estates unparalleled success in this venture and beyond. Here's to a brighter, more opulent Marbella, accentuated by collaborations that redefine luxury and design.

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