Automotive Elegance Meets Architectural Marvel: Inside the Lamborghini-Inspired 'Tierra Viva' Villas

Welcome to the world of Tierra Viva, an awe-inspiring residential project that marries the legendary ethos of Automobili Lamborghini with the expertise of luxury real estate developer DarGlobal. This exclusive community, nestled in the heart of Benahavís on the Costa del Sol, Spain, offers an unparalleled blend of automotive prowess and architectural finesse, redefining luxury living.

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marbslifestyle Tierra Viva inspired by Lamborghini In
 Benahavís, Marbella
Tierra Viva inspired by Lamborghini In Benahavís, Marbella

The Essence of Lamborghini in Architecture

Tierra Viva, as Lamborghini's first residential venture in Europe, embodies the power, style, and unrestricted nature of the iconic Italian super sports car brand. Each of the 53 villas in this development captures Lamborghini's spirit in their design, enriched by sophisticated finishes that echo the brand's unique style​​​​.

Exclusive Living in the Heart of Benahavís

The development consists of 53 luxury two-storey villas, each carefully constructed at different levels on the hills of Benahavís, ensuring each residence enjoys endless panoramas of the Mediterranean Sea. The unique positioning of the villas, like precious stones rising gently from the land, offers residents captivating vistas and an unparalleled sense of exclusivity​​​​.


A Sanctuary of Opulence and Tranquility

Each villa in Tierra Viva offers either four, five, or six bedrooms, with two floors of accommodation placed above a basement or garage. The highlight of these residences is the pair of swimming pools, providing stunning views of the Mediterranean, complemented by multiple terraces, floor-to-ceiling glazing, and marble floors​​.

Unmatched Amenities and Features

Tierra Viva is not just about the breathtaking views and luxurious villas; it is about the experience. The development boasts a host of special features, including saunas, private gardens, an outdoor pool, a private pool, a lift, and 24-hour security. The strategic location ensures proximity to major destinations in Spain and Europe, accessible through high-speed trains and an international airport​​.

A Lifestyle of Sophistication and Ease

Residents can indulge in a lifestyle that effortlessly blends sophistication with a relaxed ambiance. The region's mild climate is perfect for enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of stylish clubs, fashionable restaurants, captivating hotels, exclusive marinas, and breathtaking beaches that define the allure of Costa del Sol​​.

An Architectural Marvel and a Future Icon

Tierra Viva stands as a testament to the synergy between Lamborghini's supercar essence and Dar Global's real estate acumen. The project, scheduled for completion in 2026, promises to be an architectural marvel, an icon of luxury living inspired by the essence of Lamborghini​​.


Conclusion: The Epitome of Luxury Living

Tierra Viva is more than just a residential development; it is a lifestyle, an experience, a statement. It represents the pinnacle of luxury living, where the elegance and performance of a Lamborghini are translated into an architectural masterpiece. For those who seek the extraordinary, who cherish exclusivity and sophistication, Tierra Viva offers an unmatched living experience. Engel & Völkers, the renowned luxury real estate agency in Marbella, invites you to be a part of this unique journey into refined living.