Elviria: The Hidden Treasure of Marbella's Sun-Kissed Coast

Nestled in the heart of Costa del Sol, just a few kilometers east of Marbella, lies the serene neighborhood of Elviria. With its blend of stunning natural beauty, luxurious facilities, and warm Mediterranean charm, Elviria truly captures the essence of life in Andalusia.

marbslifestyle Elvira hosts the most beautiful beaches in Marbella
Elvira hosts the most beautiful beaches in Marbella
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A Mediterranean Haven of Serenity and Splendor

Elviria, a lush enclave nestled on the Spanish coast, epitomizes the Mediterranean dream. Framed by leafy corridors and tranquil surroundings, it stands as an emblem of peace and relaxation. Its pristine landscapes are a harmonious blend of verdant flora, fauna, and the striking juxtaposition of mountain and sea vistas that have carved Spain's revered reputation.

A testament to Elviria’s natural charm is the enchanting Dunas de Artola. These captivating dunes beckon visitors for calming strolls amidst nature's untouched splendor. However, it's the sun-kissed beaches, radiant against the cerulean embrace of the Mediterranean, that truly form the heart of Elviria. These stretches of golden sand, known as some of the finest along the Marbella coastline, undulate endlessly, offering a tranquil refuge for beachgoers.

The vibrant pulse of Elviria is palpable in its beach clubs, with Nikki Beach leading the scene. By day, they invite relaxation under the sun's gentle warmth, and by night, they transform into thrilling hubs of festivity. Yet, Elviria is more than just natural allure and lively beaches. Located merely 15 minutes from Marbella and roughly 30 minutes from Málaga International Airport, its prime location ensures residents and visitors can relish the Mediterranean lifestyle to the fullest, complemented by superb connectivity to the entirety of Costa del Sol.

Beyond the beaches, Elviria boasts of architectural marvels. Its properties, echoing elegance, are strategically placed amidst the picturesque beauty. Nearby, the port of Cabopino is a mosaic of exquisite dining experiences and world-class mooring amenities. Moreover, the sublime Elviria mountains hide an exclusive gem - La Mairena. This residential estate is cradled amidst the verdant mountain landscapes, offering a retreat away from the bustle yet remaining conveniently close to Marbella’s vibrant offerings.

Elviria's allure is magnetic, making it the quintessential choice for those seeking a Spanish holiday home or a permanent relocation. Its escalating popularity among Europeans, especially from the UK, is a testament to its blend of serenity, accessibility, and sustainable development. Initiatives like the cork tree protection in Elviria and conservation efforts for pine trees in Las Chapas and the sand dunes at Cabopino beach accentuate its commitment to nature.

Adjacent to Elviria, locations like Costabella and El Rosario are emerging as favorites for holidaymakers and potential homeowners, further solidifying Elviria's stature as a prized jewel of the Costa del Sol.

Golf at Elviria

For golf lovers, Elviria provides an unparalleled experience with its world-class courses. Santa Maria Golf Club is the jewel in the crown, with its immaculate fairways, challenging design, and stunning views, providing a golfing experience that's as scenic as it is enjoyable. Near to Santa Maria Golf Club you will find Río Real, one of Costa del Sol's oldest courses.

Elviria: A Convenient Village Hub

Elviria is more than just a picturesque village on the coast; it's a vibrant hub filled with amenities. The village boasts a range of bars, cafes, and restaurants. Essential services such as the post office, banks, and supermarkets are conveniently located. The English International College provides top-tier education for primary and secondary students right within the village.

Many Elviria properties offer the luxury of being a short walk away from the beach. Fancy a long beach walk? You can stroll all the way to Marbella in one direction or the port of Cabopino in the other. Along your walk, don't miss out on the beachside "chiringuitos" and eateries. If you're in the mood for a touch of opulence, the Don Carlos Hotel is nearby. For those seeking an electrifying nightlife, the world-renowned Nikki Beach club, situated near the Don Carlos, promises an unforgettable experience.

Sports and Recreation in Elviria

Elviria's location is ideal for sports enthusiasts. The region offers an array of sports activities and facilities, complemented by the excellent weather. For the shopaholics, both the trendy Puerto Banús and the expansive La Cañada shopping center are a mere drive away. Exploring Elviria and its neighboring areas is most convenient with an Elivia car rental.

Relocation Considerations

If you're contemplating a permanent move to Elviria, rest assured the area is well-equipped to cater to your essential needs. The English International College, situated within Elviria, educates students from ages 5 to 18, with many graduates progressing to esteemed universities globally. St. Javier's International School and Swan’s International School are also within proximity. On the healthcare front, Elviria is surrounded by top-notch facilities. Two public health centers in Marbella and the well-equipped Costa del Sol Hospital are just a short drive away. Plus, the new private Hospiten in Estepona ensures comprehensive healthcare services, just twenty minutes from Elviria.

Tranquil Retreats: Hand-Selected Holiday Homes in Elviria

Discovering the perfect holiday home in Elviria offers a unique blend of natural beauty and comfort. Our carefully hand-picked selection of villas and apartments in this charming area ensures a tranquil and luxurious stay. Elviria, known for its fine sandy beaches, lush green surroundings, and excellent dining options, provides a serene backdrop for a truly relaxing holiday. Whether you're enjoying the sunrise from your private terrace or taking a short stroll to the beach, our Elviria properties offer both the privacy and convenience you desire. Each home is chosen with your utmost comfort in mind, promising a peaceful retreat where you can unwind and create lasting memories amidst the beauty of the Costa del Sol.


Elviria is more than just a neighborhood east of Marbella - it is a captivating blend of tranquility and excitement. It offers a unique combination of luxury, natural beauty, and authentic Mediterranean charm. Whether you're here for a holiday or considering a permanent move, Elviria beckons with the promise of la buena vida – the good life.