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Trattoria Toscana Ristorante

Welcome to Trattoria Toscana Ristorante, a charming Italian haven nestled in the heart of Cancelada, Spain. If you're in the neighbourhood and seeking a relaxing dinner destination, this is your go-to spot. Specialising in Italian classics, Trattoria Toscana offers you the perfect setting to unwind while savouring a delicious plate of pasta or indulging in a mouth-watering pizza.

Don't just settle for any dining experience—come and relish the taste of Italy right here in Cancelada. Whether you're a local resident or just passing through, Trattoria Toscana invites you to take a delightful culinary journey that promises to satisfy all your Italian cravings.

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Looking for an authentic Italian experience in the heart of Spain? Look no further! Trattoria Toscana Ristorante in Cancelada has got you covered. The restaurant promises a taste of Italy without requiring you to leave the beautiful city of Marbella.

About the restaurant

Trattoria Toscana Ristorante is your go-to destination for delectable Italian cuisine in Cancelada when you are there in the neighbourhood. Offering a menu that delights all the senses, this gem of a restaurant provides a culinary experience that transports you straight to Italy. Expect a range of dishes that are as authentic as they are delicious.

Ambiance of the restaurant

Whether you're planning a casual dinner with friends or family, the ambiance sets the perfect mood for any occasion. This restaurant is just nice to have a simple dinner and enjoy the evening with good food.

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Opening hours
6:00 pm - 12:00 am
6:00 pm - 12:00 am
6:00 pm - 12:00 am
6:00 pm - 12:00 am
6:00 pm - 12:00 am
6:00 pm - 12:00 am
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Trattoria Toscana offers a comfortable dining area that is as welcoming as it is functional. The staff are highly attentive, making sure you have everything you need for a satisfying meal. With its excellent service and cosy interior, the restaurant ensures you feel right at home as you savour your Italian feast.

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Calle Montemayor, Local 6, 29688 Cancelada, MálagaCopy Address

Location of the restaurant

Located in the quaint area of Cancelada, Marbella, Trattoria Toscana is easily accessible and is a must-visit for anyone in the region. Nestled among local shops and attractions, the restaurant serves as a convenient spot for both locals and tourists alike.


Don't fret about where to leave your car; Trattoria Toscana has got you covered with ample parking space nearby. The accessibility makes it all the more appealing for those planning a delightful Italian meal.


Trattoria Toscana Ristorante in Cancelada offers an authentic Italian dining experience that will leave you yearning for more. With its captivating ambiance, top-notch facilities, and convenient location, it is undeniably one of the best places to get a taste of Italy in Marbella. Come and be transported on a culinary journey that you won't soon forget.

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Trattoria Toscana Ristorante

6.8 / 10
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