As lovers of the energetic and exciting game of Padel, we're here to share our recommendations for the best places to play Padel in Marbella, the birthplace of modern Padel. Just imagine: the bright rays of the morning sun glinting off your racquet, a slight coastal breeze to cool off your heated match, or the vibrant lights of the court illuminating your evening games. However, bear in mind the Spanish sun can be intense, so we advise playing Padel in the early morning or evening during the summer for a more pleasant experience.

We're excited to take you on this journey, sharing our passion for Padel, exploring its fascinating history, and spotlighting the top places to play in the sun-kissed city of Marbella. Grab your gear, warm up, and let's dive into the vibrant world of Padel.

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The Evolution of Padel

If you're looking for a sport that is fun, fast-paced and thrilling, Padel-Tennis is one you should certainly try. It's not just one of the most popular sports in Spain; it's a sport deeply rooted in the country's history, particularly in the sun-kissed city of Marbella. Here's a bit about its evolution and the top places to enjoy a game in Marbella.

Historical Roots of Padel

Padel was initially invented in Mexico by Enrique Corcuera in 1969. Enrique decided to adjust his personal squash court in Acapulco, laying the foundation for the sport now loved by millions, Padel or Platform Tennis. This sport intrigued Alfonso of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, a Spanish friend of Enrique, who brought it back to his homeland. The first Padel courts in Spain were built in Marbella Tennis Club in 1974.

Padel's Evolution in Spain and the World

Spain adopted Padel with fervour, spreading rapidly across the country. By 2005, over 1000 Padel clubs operated nationwide. In 2005, the largest Padel Associations launched the Padel Pro Tour, solidifying Padel's reputation as a competitive sport. This championship ran till 2012, replaced by the World Padel Series in 2013, which currently holds around 15 to 20 tournaments a year and a Master Series.

Playing Padel in Marbella

Marbella, being the birthplace of the modern version of Padel, offers excellent venues to enjoy this sport. Here you will find our top 5 of best place to play padel::

The Royal Padel Club Marbella

The Real Club Padel Marbella stands as the most esteemed establishment on the Costa del Sol, with its prime location and superior amenities. They boast nine state-of-the-art panoramic glass paddle tennis courts, each equipped with LED lighting utilising the latest technology. The turf on these courts meets the standards of the World Padel Tour. Additionally, three of these courts are sheltered.


The club is home to the most extensive padel training centre, where our skilled paddle instructors dedicate their time to teaching all who are eager to learn and enhance their abilities in this cherished game. Don’t worry if you don’t have a racket you can rent it at The Royal Padel Club.

NAC Sports & Social

NAC Sport & Social is a new padel club and is located inSan Pedro Alcántara. NAC Sports & Social offers a wide range of services, they have 16 padel courts and a social area. The complex also has a restaurant Soul and a bar that serves delicious food and drinks. On the complex there is also a gym but this only members only the name of the club is The I/O.


At the Nueva Alcántara Padel you can take advantage of a comprehensive training program. They arrange mix-ins suitable for us beginners on Tuesdays from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., and for those of us at a medium-high level on Thursdays from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM and Saturdays from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

What's more, there's a restaurant right at the club where you can grab a meal, and a sports equipment store for any gear you might need. The club is also home to a fully equipped gym. However, it's important to note that the gym is managed by a separate company, so you have to pay an additional fee to use it.

Los Monteros Racket Club

This club is located in the area Los Monteros and is next to the exlcusive Los Monteros Spa & Golf Resort hotel complex and has 6 padel courts. The Los Monteros Racket Club offers a wide range of services to its members, including private lessons, group lessons, and organised tournaments. The club also provides equipment rental and restringing services to ensure that players have everything they need to play their best game.


The location is 8 kilometers to the east of Marbella city, just off the A-7 motorway and in close proximity to upscale residential zones. It is also situated near the prestigious golf clubs of East Marbella, such as Santa Clara, Marbella Golf, and Rio Real. In addition, the glamorous beach bars like Trocadero Arena and La Cabane Beach Club, which grace the beaches nearby, are within easy reach.

Puente Romano Tennis Club

Puente Romano is perhaps the most stylish place to indulge in a game of Padel, boasting an academy and four top-quality courts. This luxurious location offers more than just sport, as guests can experience opulent hotel amenities or relax with a beverage at the Lagom Café while observing a match. Known as the tennis haven of Marbella and the Costa del Sol, the Puente Romano Tennis & Fitness Club has a rich history, founded in 1979 under the guidance of tennis legend Björn Borg and managed for many years by Manolo Santana, whose name graces the main court.


Nestled within Marbella's prestigious Golden Mile, the iconic club features 10 tennis courts - 8 clay and 2 plexipave, in addition to 4 professional-grade padel courts. The Puente Romano Club's tennis academy, Escuela Amor & Paz, led by Pepe Imaz and Marko Djokovic (Novak Djokovic's brother), caters to all, providing training for young enthusiasts from the age of 4 to seasoned professional players.

Royal Tennis Club Marbella

Very close to Los Monteros, less than a kilometer down the A-7 motorway, we find the Royal Tennis Club Marbella. The club offers 8 magnificent clay tennis courts, a hard court and  offering two premium visitor’s Padel courts with excellent lighting, the Royal Tennis Club provides training for adults and children. This means you can enjoy a match day or night. A court over here will cost you the first hour € 26,- and for two € 51,99.


The club also hosts an impressive variety of competitions. Annually, it serves as the location for over 20 federation tournaments in diverse categories, including the ITF seniors.

In terms of instructional offerings, the Royal Tennis Club Marbella caters to every skill level. It provides classes for Mini-tennis, Beginners, Intermediate Level, and Advanced Level (for both tennis and padel, accommodating both children and adults).

Moreover, the Royal Tennis Club gives special consideration to a sport often overlooked: table tennis. The club boasts four professional-grade tables and offers instruction at every skill level.


Marbella, the birthplace of modern Padel, offers an array of premium venues to enjoy this dynamic sport. Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, the city's top Padel clubs are ready to welcome you. So, pick up your racquet and immerse yourself in the thrilling sport of Padel in the beautiful city of Marbella.