Golfing on the East Side: Marbella's Prized Fairways

At, we embrace the luxurious rhythm of Marbella's beaches and the pulsating heartbeat of its nightlife. But beyond these, our love for golf shines brightly. Particularly, the eastern precincts of Marbella present a treasure trove of golf courses, each coupled with culinary delights to tantalize your taste buds. These venues gracefully cater to both the budding golfer and the discerning pro. Join us on this journey through the greens and fairways of the east.

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Cabopino Golf Marbella

Designed by the celebrated Juan Ligues Creus, Cabopino Golf provides an 18-hole escape into Marbella's captivating landscapes. The course seamlessly marries challenge and aesthetics, offering players a diverse terrain to navigate. As the sun sets, the clubhouse transforms into a culinary haven, overlooking the sprawling greens.

Santa María Golf & Country Club

The 18-hole masterpiece in Elviria is the brainchild of Antonio Garcia Garrido. Santa María Golf & Country Club unfurls in a serene valley, with each hole providing its own narrative of challenge and splendor. Beyond the greens, the club’s restaurant is a symphony of flavors, waiting to be discovered.

Santa Clara Golf Marbella

Crafted with precision by Enrique Canales Busquets, Santa Clara Golf offers an 18-hole journey through modern golfing architecture. With its pristine greens, the course beckons both novices and veterans for a delightful game, followed by an invitation to indulge in Spanish gastronomy at its finest.

Greenlife Golf

The Elviria Hills boast of the 9-hole, Par 3 course by Greenlife Estates. Greenlife Golf, while shorter, does not skimp on its promise of beauty and challenge. And, as every good game deserves a great meal, the clubhouse restaurant serves gourmet dishes that match the grandeur of the game.

Calanova Golf Club

Deep in Mijas's heart lies the 18-hole sanctuary conceptualized by Manuel Pinero. Calanova Golf Club is not just about the game; it's about the experience, the strategy, and the breathtaking Mediterranean views. And as every hole tells a story, the club's restaurant adds the perfect epilogue with its culinary masterpieces.

La Cala Resort

Cabell B. Robinson’s genius unfolds over three championship courses at La Cala Resort, summing up to an impressive 54 holes. Each course, be it Campo Asia, Campo America, or Campo Europa, offers a unique tale of luxury golfing in Marbella. To cap off the day, the resort's restaurants craft dishes that are as exquisite as the courses themselves.

Miraflores Golf Club

Set in the lap of Riviera del Sol, the 18-hole marvel by Folco Nardi is an ode to inventive design. Miraflores Golf Club invites players to strategize, adapt, and revel in the game's beauty. Once the game concludes, the on-site restaurant offers a delectable retreat to reflect upon the day's play.


The east of Marbella is not just a golfer's paradise; it's where sport meets art, and nature dances with gastronomy. Each course, with its unique tale and challenges, promises memories that last a lifetime. So, as the fairways beckon, let the east of Marbella be your next stop. Celebrate the good life with us at!