Unveiling the Costa del Sol's Premier Golf Resorts

Greetings to all our avid readers and golf enthusiasts! At, our passion seamlessly blends golf's finesse with Marbella's luxurious resorts. Our experience has allowed us to meticulously craft golf trips for our esteemed clientele, ensuring they experience Marbella's best golf havens.

Marbella, with its blend of natural beauty and world-class courses, could easily vie for the title of the world's top golfing destination. It's a golfer's dream come true!

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Marbella Club Hotel Golf Resort & Spa

Course: Nestled within the scenic hills of Benahavís, this 18-hole masterpiece, created by Dave Thomas, presents a stimulating challenge to its players. Its meticulously manicured greens, intricate water hazards, and strategic bunkering make every game a tale of thrill and strategy.

Hotel: The Marbella Club Hotel is an epitome of luxury. A blend of Andalusian heritage with contemporary comforts, guests can indulge in its world-renowned spa, dine in gourmet restaurants overlooking the Mediterranean, and bask in the sun on its private beachfront.

Puente Romano Beach Resort

Course: While the beach remains its crown jewel, Puente Romano grants golfers unparalleled access to Marbella Club's illustrious golf course. Every hole tells a story, with captivating views accompanying golfers at every tee and turn.

Hotel: Reflecting Mediterranean splendor, the Puente Romano Beach Resort is a realm of luxury. From its botanical gardens, a melting pot of world cuisines in its restaurants, to the Six Senses Spa, it ensures every moment is drenched in opulence.

Los Monteros Spa & Golf Resort

Course: Golfers are spoiled for choice, with the highlight being the illustrious Santa Clara Golf. Renowned for its wide fairways and large greens, it offers a harmonious blend of natural obstacles and pristine playing conditions.

Hotel: Los Monteros exudes Andalusian charm. Every room and suite speaks volumes of luxury, while its acclaimed spa promises rejuvenation. Dining under the stars at its El Corzo Restaurant is an experience par excellence.

La Quinta Golf & Country Club

Course: A jewel in the Golf Valley, this 27-hole course is segmented into three nine-hole courses, each with its distinct character. From challenging bunkers to sweeping views of the Marbella coastline, it’s a golfer's paradise.

Hotel: Affiliated with Westin, La Quinta Resort guarantees a stay filled with splendor. Guests can relish in their spa treatments, savor culinary delights at their restaurants, or simply soak in the panoramic vistas from their lavish rooms.

Villa Padierna Palace Hotel

Course: Golfing at Villa Padierna is threefold – the Flamingos Golf, Alferini Golf, and Tramores Golf. Each course, with its unique layout and challenges, promises golfers a diverse and memorable experience.

Hotel: A palace in every sense, this hotel exudes Renaissance-inspired architecture. From its therapeutic spa, an array of dining venues to rooms that resemble art pieces, Villa Padierna is where luxury is redefined.

Golf Retreats: Opting for Villas and Apartments for Privacy and Relaxation

When planning a golfing trip with friends, booking a rental apartment or villa in Marbella is an excellent choice for those seeking to blend sport with relaxation. These private accommodations offer the perfect setting to unwind and bond after a day on the greens, providing a comfortable and intimate space for your group. With the luxury of a villa or apartment, you can enjoy the ultimate privacy, making it easy to relax, share meals, and reminisce about the day's play. This setup not only enhances the camaraderie among friends but also turns a simple golfing holiday into a memorable retreat, where every moment off the course is as special as the time spent on it.


Marbella's essence flows seamlessly from its golden beaches into the meticulously manicured greens of its illustrious golf courses. Each golf resort stands as a sentinel of this city's commitment to luxury, relaxation, and the art of golf. The Marbella Club Hotel, with its historical roots deeply entrenched in contemporary comforts, is much like a golfer recalling a traditional swing in a modern game. Puente Romano goes beyond being a mere beach resort; it’s an embodiment of opulent living complemented by exhilarating golf experiences. Los Monteros, on the other hand, is pure Andalusian spirit captured in luxurious confines. Here, a golfer doesn’t just play; they immerse themselves in a cultural symphony. And amidst all this, places like La Quinta and Villa Padierna beckon with their own unique charms, each a distinct chapter in Marbella's illustrious golf story. As we at often say, in Marbella, golf isn’t just a game; it's a way of life. A luxurious, sun-soaked, and absolutely unforgettable way of life.