Explore the Unique Easter Celebrations and More in Marbella During Your Break

Top Tips for Spending Easter Break in Marbella

Are you planning to take a break this Easter? If you are looking for a destination that offers a perfect combination of culture, great places to eat, and things to do, then we recommend Marbella as an excellent choice. With a unique Easter celebration, Marbella promises to give you an unforgettable experience.
Here are some of our top tips to help you plan your Easter break in Marbella:

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Know the Key Dates

In Spain, Easter is a week-long celebration that starts on Palm Sunday, April 2nd, and ends on Easter Sunday, April 9th. Bank holidays fall on Maundy Thursday (April 6th) and Good Friday (April 7th). During these days, all shops are closed, so it's important to stock up on groceries beforehand if you're staying in a vacation rental.

Experience the Parades

One of the highlights of Easter in Marbella is the parades that take place throughout the week. The parades involve stunning "tronos," which are ornate sculptures of holy events that take 20 or more people to carry. Expect music, incense, and groups of the faithful, some with iconic peaked hoods. Marbella has some excellent parades starting from the Old Town and going along the main road of Ricardo Sorriano.

Go to Malaga

Malaga is known for hosting the most impressive parades in Spain during Easter. It's famous for its drama, art, military splendor, and outbursts of doleful flamenco. Thousands of people flock to the center to witness these parades, making it an amazing way to see the city. We recommend leaving your car at the Plaza Mayor shopping center parking and heading in by train since many streets are closed off due to the parades. Alternatively, private transfers from your holiday rental to Malaga are available to get you as close to the action as possible.

Visit a White Village

Even the tiniest villages have parades, making it an excellent way to explore the typical "pueblo blancos" at their best. There are many beautiful villages dotted along the coast, such as Casares and Mijas Pueblo, that have lovely parades, particularly on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Saturday. Get the program of events from the Town Hall and then make your way to the village Church as everything starts from there.

Enjoy the Wonderful Restaurants

On Sundays and Bank Holidays here on the Costa del Sol, shops are closed, so everyone heads out to the restaurants. Lunchtime is always buzzing with a great atmosphere, but it's wise to book a table during these busy times. Before or after the parades, follow the locals to have tapas and cold beers and enjoy the ambiance. Our restaurant guide offers recommendations on where to eat in and around Marbella.

Pack the Layers

Easter is a great time to visit the Costa del Sol, but the weather can be quite changeable. It can be very hot during the day and chilly at night, with occasional rain showers. So be prepared by packing layers and an umbrella to ensure you're comfortable throughout the day.


Marbella is a fantastic destination to consider for your Easter break. With its unique Easter celebrations, excellent dining options, stunning parades, and more, Marbella promises a memorable holiday experience. Don't forget to pack layers and an umbrella and plan your itinerary accordingly to make the most of your time in this beautiful coastal town. Whether you're exploring the white villages, soaking up the sun on the beaches, or enjoying the art and culture scene, Marbella has something for everyone to enjoy during the Easter holidays.

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