Twisted Art Gallery Welcomes Street Art’s Global Sensation

As art aficionados, we at always anticipate events where creativity, culture, and sophistication amalgamate into an unforgettable experience. Last week, we had the privilege of attending one such mesmerising event at the Twisted Art Gallery in Puerto Banús.

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A First for Marbella

On July 31st, Marbella welcomed the superstar artist Alec Monopoly for an exclusive solo exhibition at the Twisted Art Gallery. Having the honor of being the sole authorized gallery in Spain to showcase Monopoly’s masterpieces, this was Marbella's maiden chance to host him. The evening was nothing short of electric as more than 40 of his artworks were unveiled for a one-night spectacle.

A Bond with Monopoly: Twisted Art Gallery's Journey

The passion of art collectors and gallery owners, Dylan King and Kevin Simpson, for Alec Monopoly's creations is palpable. Their journey began with the acquisition of the Richie Rich artwork in 2018. Their profound admiration for Monopoly's distinctive style motivated them to amass several of his iconic pieces. The inauguration of their gallery this June amplified their enthusiasm as they introduced his artworks to Spain. Their gallery, being one of the exclusive three in Europe directly collaborating with Monopoly, showcased a splendid collection transported from his recent event in Mykonos.

For those who couldn't make it to this splendid evening, the gallery offers a year-round exhibition of Alec Monopoly, among 20 other gifted artists. With a rotating collection of 500 contemporary artworks, it’s a haven for lovers of urban, street, and pop art.

Meet Alec Monopoly: The Street Art Maestro

Hailing from New York City, Alec Monopoly's graffiti art has graced urban landscapes globally. With a mother who was a classically trained painter, he always identified as an artist. While he chose the streets over conventional training, his artworks scream ingenuity. Monopoly's unique, whimsical approach sets him apart, using a mix of materials to paint a political commentary rooted in pop culture.
The world recognizes Monopoly's iconic Monopoly board game character - whether he's sprinting with a bag of money or moonlighting as a DJ. Collaborations with global brands like TAG Heuer and creating live murals for the likes of Justin Bieber are just a few highlights from his illustrious career. Renowned personalities like Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dogg, and Adrien Brody are proud owners of Monopoly’s creations.

An Evening to Remember

Dylan King, the Director of Twisted Art Gallery, couldn't hide his admiration for Alec. “His journey from humble beginnings to worldwide acclaim is truly inspiring. The iconic Richie Rich character, laced with cartoon themes, resonates with us deeply. His unparalleled style has influenced and been emulated by many,” said King. The event wasn't just an exhibition; it was a celebration of art. Meeting Alec, interacting with him, and witnessing live signatures on the artworks made it a surreal evening for many attendees.
The culinary delights and the engaging company of art enthusiasts only added to the brilliance of the evening.

To Conclude

We left with our hearts full of admiration, not just for Alec Monopoly and his unique vision but also for the Twisted Art Gallery's dedication to bringing such transformative experiences to Marbella. We look forward to many more such enchanting evenings. After all, art isn't just about viewing; it's about feeling, connecting, and getting inspired. And we surely did!