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Sports & Gym facilities in Marbella

A morning run by the golden sandy beach is a perfect exercise while vacationing in Marbella. You can enjoy majestic views as you feel the morning rays on your skin. However, jogging isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you prefer a different way to keep fit, Marbella offers plenty of gyms and sports to help you stay healthy.

Whether you’re looking to hit the weights, improve your flexibility and muscle strength, engage in a session of fit combat, or do mindful yoga, the possibilities are endless. At, we are committed to matching you with a facility that meets your fitness needs and comfort level.

Our fitness team has worked up a sweat in the most exclusive gyms in Marbella. We’ve used their experiences and feedback to compile Marbella’s most detailed gym and sports facilities list.

Here’s a top pick for the most exclusive places to help you stay in shape while vacationing in Marbella.

The Best Sports & Gym Facilities in Marbella we reconand

We made a selection of the best sports facilities in Marbella. Looking for a personal trainer? Take a look at our services selection offering the best personal trainers in Marbella in any type of sport.

  • NAC Sports & Social
  • Sports Club El Higueron
  • Puente Romano Health & Fitness
  • The I/O
  • Los Monteros Racket Club
  • Real Club Padel Marbella

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