We absolutely love the concept of Picnic Marbella. If you really have something to celebrate in a unique way, we recommend calling in Picnic Marbella. It is truly a memory for everyone in the group. Picnic Marbella is perfect for a birthday, a romantic surprise for your partner or for another special occasion? Then Picnic Marbella might just be the way to dress up the day.

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Our experience

Last summer we organised a special picnic with Picnic Marbella for a friend’s birthday in the mountains of Marbella. This was a very nice experience with beautiful views. Picnic Marbella creates pop-up picnics at all different locations near Marbella on the beach, in your garden or in the mountains. Picnic Marbella specialises in celebrating the moment of life in a special unique way in a dreamy and beautiful setting.

As we arrived at the destination that  Picnic Marbella shared by Whatsapp, we were momentarily stunned by the picturesque sight of a beautifully arranged boho-style table with a personalized welcome sign. Our midday picnic was a tapas feast, comprising delectable hams, cheese, grapes, bread, and nuts. To quench our thirst, we had opted for a variety of beverages, including roze, a Corona bucket, champagne, and water. We enjoyed this delightful picnic with our closest friends, with pleasing melodies playing out of the GBL box in the background, and a breathtaking view that made the experience even more memorable.

The ultimate picknick experience

The Concept

A standard picnic package starts from €65 per person and you choose for a Brunch or Tapas version. Keep in mind that this only includes water, so you'll need to upgrade your picnic as far as you want. At every picnic you can choose the location. 24 hours before the picnic you will hear the exact picnic location. Our advice is to do this activity in the morning in high summer, otherwise it will be too hot for a Marbella Picnic.

Special Packages

It is possible to book 3 different picnic packages:

  1. Boho set-up Picnic: This is perfect for a birthday, baby shower, children's party or just because you can. This setting is also possible in your own garden. These kinds of picnic prices start from € 550 euros and this does not include drinks and snacks. You can add them on the picnic.
  2. Picnic set-up & Cocktail bar: For this exclusive bar you have to be with a minimum of 10 people, but a special moment in a unique location to organise this with your besties. You can order this picnic set-up from €1,200 and includes bartender, cocktails, cocktail bar, bluetooth speaker, gold cutlery, comfortable floor seating, custom hand-lettered welcome sign, styled picnic table, tapas platters and this is for 3 hours.
  3. Romantic Picnic for two: This is a great surprise for your partner to organise this 2-hour picnic from € 265,- including a bottle of Ruinart Champagne, beautiful bouquet of dried flower, JBL speaker, Tapas platter, large decorative umbrella, styled picnic table for chosen number of guests, gold cutlery, plates & cups and this for 2 hours.

The ultimate picknick experience

Spice up your picnic

You can put together all the picnics that Picnic Marbella organises all by yourself. From flowers, a Spanish omelette, Champagne, Polaroid camera or a Birthday cake nothing is too crazy. Style this picnic completely to your style.


If you're looking for a unique and memorable way to celebrate a special occasion or surprise your loved one, we highly recommend Picnic Marbella. Their pop-up picnics in various stunning locations near Marbella, including the mountains, beach, and even your own garden, are sure to impress. While their standard packages start from €65 per person, you can also choose from their special packages, including the boho set-up picnic, picnic set-up & cocktail bar, and romantic picnic for two. Plus, you can customise your picnic with additional items such as flowers, food, and drinks to make it even more special. All in all, Picnic Marbella is the perfect way to spice up your day and create a beautiful memory that will last a lifetime.

Simone Loeff
Author: Simone Loeff

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