The party of the year in Marbella: San Juan

Join us as we celebrate the alluring city of Marbella, and unravel its fascinating stories, one event at a time. Let's discover together what makes this Mediterranean gem truly sparkle.

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Embracing the Spirit of Summer

San Juan festival is a unique event that brings people together from all backgrounds. The festival is colourful, warm, and full of community spirit. It beautifully blends people, traditions, and nature into a spectacular show that's really something special to see.

In Spain, especially in the beautiful Costa del Sol region, people can't wait for the month of June, which is packed with exciting festivals and cultural events. Marbella, a beautiful city on the Mediterranean coast, hosts two major events that show off the area's rich culture and spirituality.

The city organises an incredible festival called Feria to honour its patron saint, San Barnabe. It's a magnificent, colourful event that attracts both locals and tourists. It's usually held on June 11th. In Spanish religious festivals, every city has its own patron saint, and the Feria of Marbella is dedicated to San Bernabe, the city's patron saint.

Then, later in June, everyone gets excited for another big event, San Juan. This event celebrates the summer solstice, which is the shortest night and the longest day of the year. The grand San Juan celebration starts on the evening of June 23rd and goes on until the early hours of June 24th. The festival includes ancient rituals based on fire and water.

Fire is a major part of San Juan. Huge bonfires and figures made out of wood are built on the beaches next to the calm Mediterranean Sea. If you jump over the fires three times, it's believed to burn away your problems, leaving you fresh and ready for the next phase of life. Some people even write their wishes or problems on paper and burn it in the fire. It's also a tradition to dip your feet in the water during the festival.

Water plays an important part in the festival too. At midnight, people run into the sea, which is believed to wash away any evil spirits. The sea water during San Juan is thought to have healing properties. People believe that bathing in the sea that night could cure skin problems and bring happiness for the coming year.

The San Juan night is celebrated all over Spain, and each region adds its own touch to the festival. Marbella, known for its glamour and style, organises some amazing events for San Juan.

There are great events at different places along Marbella's stunning coastline. Nikki Beach is a popular spot that takes the festival to another level with its elegant celebration. Another place, Sonora Beach in Estepona, is famous for its relaxed San Juan celebration, matching the peaceful mood of the night.

It's a truly beautiful sight to watch the bonfires on the beach under the stars, while looking out at the Mediterranean Sea. Join us for the San Juan festival and experience the excitement of hundreds of bonfires and people rushing into the sea.

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