This adventure is amazing if you like to hike and climb and you are a good swimmer. You would love this canyoning tour, just like we do every time we do the Canyoing Guadalmina Rivera. Canyoning, a thrilling blend of hiking, climbing, and swimming, is an adventure sport that takes you through breathtaking canyons, inviting gorges, and rushing rivers. And in Marbella's backyard, the Guadalmina Rivera offers one of the most stunning canyoning experiences in Southern Spain.

Tucked away just 25 minutes from downtown Marbella, the Guadalmina Rivera is a natural playground and a refreshing contrast to the city's urban sprawl. Here, emerald-green waters cut through towering rock formations, creating a network of canyons and waterfalls that form the heart of a canyoning adventure.

It is possible to do this tour on your own, but only if you are all good swimmers and if you are in good shape. It is possible to do this tour yourself, without a guide. We recommend wearing sportswear, because you have to scramble through the water a lot. It is useful to wear sports shoes that can get wet and have a good profile. At almost the end of the canyoning you have to go down 3.5 metres. You need a rope for this, bring it with you.The tour starts where you enter the village of Benahavis. We advise you to park the car lower on the parking lot, because that's where the Canyoing ends.

If you prefer to do a tour, your journey begins with a safety briefing from experienced guides who provide all the necessary equipment - from helmets to harnesses. Once suited up, you dive into the day's adventure and they will guide you through the river.

Each step into this natural labyrinth reveals unique challenges and spectacular sights. You might find yourself shimmying down narrow rock passages, leaping into clear pools, or scrambling up wet stones.

One of the key attractions in Guadalmina Rivera is its array of natural water slides. Eroded by the river over millennia, these polished chutes add a dose of pure fun to the challenging route. Let the water's momentum carry you down into the cool, welcoming pools below.

Midway through the route, you encounter the 'big jump.' Here, heart-pounding adrenaline meets awe-inspiring nature as you take a seven-metre plunge into the waters below. It's optional, of course, but for many, it's the highlight of the tour, symbolising a moment of personal triumph over fear.

After the exhilarating descent, you'll find tranquil pools perfect for taking a well-earned rest, absorbing the remarkable surroundings, and recharging for the rest of the journey.

The Guadalmina Rivera canyoning tour concludes with a satisfying trek through the sun-dappled forest, the river humming a cheerful tune beside you. You're left with a sense of achievement and a profound connection to nature, along with memories that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

The Guadalmina Rivera canyoning experience is a testament to the diverse offerings of Marbella. It’s a thrilling jaunt that uncovers the rugged, raw beauty of the region that lies in stark contrast to the city's polished persona. So, next time you find yourself in Marbella, consider trading the sun lounger for a harness, and take the plunge into an unforgettable adventure in the Guadalmina Rivera.