Puerto Banús, with its magnetic allure, draws a myriad of visitors to its shimmering shores. From celebrities to bachelor parties, the essence of glamour emanates from every corner, underscored by the presence of national and international top brands. Amidst this panorama of luxury, two rooftop sanctuaries stand out. “Air by Breath” offers an ambience that captures the soul of Puerto Banús, creating memories under the stars. Just a stone’s throw away, the “Benabola Sky Lounge” invites guests to relax at its magnificent SKY LOUNGE terrace. With evenings illuminated by the glow of our most popular cocktails and drinks, and the unmatched views of the Mediterranean Sea and bustling Puerto Banús, it’s a haven of exclusivity. If it’s a blend of comfort, glamour, and breathtaking views you desire, these rooftop bars promise to deliver an unparalleled experience in the heart of Puerto Banús.